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Related to 3rd CANSAT competition 2011 in Spain

PostPosted: 11 Jan 2011, 13:38
by JCarmona_Sytek
Does someone know when is scheduled the 3rd CANSAT Competition for 2011 in Spain ?
I've noticed that website has been modified only partially. Some texts mentions "3rd CANSAT competition", but main banner and some other pages are outdated.



¿ Alguien sabe para cuando está previsto la 3rd CANSAT Competition de 2011 en España ?
He visto que en la página ha sido modificada parcialmente y en algunos textos se menciona la "3rd CANSAT competition", pero la cabecera de la página y otras páginas están desactualizadas.


Re: Related to 3rd CANSAT competition 2011 in Spain

PostPosted: 11 Jan 2011, 18:34
by Borja.Hidalgo
Hello and welcome!

The date for the 3rd Cansat Competition are not still confirmed.
It is very probable that it will take place in Summer (July, August or September).
We will update all the website very soon, so keep in mind to check it frecuently ;)

Re: Related to 3rd CANSAT competition 2011 in Spain

PostPosted: 12 Jan 2011, 13:33
by JCarmona_Sytek
Sorry to say, but it seems the current organization delay is affecting CANSAT competition in Spain for summer 2011.
Not having ready competition bases, teams are not even considering to register. Most likely they would go to some other CANSAT competitions around Europe... Like the French competition (which this year is open to international teams).
I don't know if you have check their activity, but I think is a good example of organization to take into account. Look at this: ... 11?lang=en
- They already published bases on September 2010.
- As consequence, they had the possibility to limit team registration date to January 31st 2011. The result is more than a dozen of teams, registering 15 projects up to now are already on the race: ... us?lang=fr
- Event date has been announced for the end of august.

If you check carefully team list, many of those were last year participating in the Spanish competition. So if Spanish event this year will overlap on dates with the French one, I'm afraid that we will miss many interesting participants here in Spain. :(
Additionally, if Spanish competition dates are scheduled with a gap lower than 1 month before or after French CANSAT competition, I also think that teams would be hardly prepared for participate on the Spanish event.

As summary, sorry again for being so pessimistic, but I see quite difficult to have 3rd CANSAT Competition event here in Spain this year. I feel the lack of anticipation is undoubtedly jeopardizing the contest. :(

Re: Related to 3rd CANSAT competition 2011 in Spain

PostPosted: 13 Jan 2011, 00:07
by Borja.Hidalgo
I would like to have everything you comment ready, but we are students and we have obligations...
We devote our free time to organize this kind of events because we think that we learn many things, we get motivation and we like organizing international events.
It's impossible for us to organize a Cansat Competition just in one month, because the organizing comitee is selected at the end of November in the General Assembly of LEEM.

To get the fundings required to carry out the Competition also take much time. We are not CNES and we need to spend lot of time to discuss with the companies and institutions to get the money... remember that we are students, and it's dificult to get money for a student project.

We try to do our best, and I'm sure we will. The competition will be held in 2011, in July or September, because in August is the French one.

And don't be so pessimistic! The competition will be launched in February and we have 5 month ahead.

I hope to see you in the Competition, ;)

Re: Related to 3rd CANSAT competition 2011 in Spain

PostPosted: 13 Jan 2011, 17:00
by JCarmona_Sytek
Many thanks for your answer back !

I will try to keep the faith... ;)

About the rockets, are there any news ? I'm curious.